One thing I really like about creating my own podcast is that the rules are all mine, changeable at a whim, so when I listened to this recording with Richard Freeman for his wonderful podcast that I recorded months ago, I thought it would fit well amongsst my own. So here it is, a link rather than another recorded conversation.

Richard is smart and informed. He’d done his homework on me, he’s open and curious and asks the right questions. So here we are. It’s called The Future of Gender, to fit in with his podcasts entitled The Future of…….. All good listening, you can catch them all on the link, go into their site, see what possibilities there are for the taking in this world of ours.

The Reverend Jide Macauley, my friend Jide, is a great and lovely man, so honest in his heart it blows me away. After all he has been through – being a gay Nigerian Christian in a country that punishes LGBT+ people, being black in a white world in the UK, being openly HIV+, being rejected by his father and country, having to flee Nigeria, on and on, he has transcended all to become full of compassion, empathy and self-love which inspires me deeply.

Listening to our conversation before posting it, I was deeply inspired by his courage, deep Christian faith and love. Listen to this man, he is open and real and inspiring. Love to you, Jide.

A prominent LGBT activist in India, Pawan talked to me in my hotel room in Kolkata just recently, about a range of issues, but the social discrimination that comes with caste – exclusive to India – and class, which affects us profoundly in the West, came to the fore. This is a chance to hear about how another culture sees and responds to LGBT issues, and how the essence of religious mythology often lies behind essential attitudes we all have, and think are real.