For some years now I’ve been listening to and reading the virtuoso words of Eric Page, ever since I came to live here in Brighton. Eric. How could I miss sharing this great champion of gay, lesbian, bi, trans and anyone else’s rights and safety that needed protecting? What would he come up with if I let him off the leash and tempted him with an audience?

It’s done and recorded, after we ate the lovely cakes he brought up to my little flat, my eagle’s nest high above the city, and I feel privileged. The unexpected bonus to making this podcast is spending powerful and intimate time with the remarkable people who give colour to my world. It’s an excuse to go deep and then deeper, to the places where the gold lies. As I once said recently, my friends are my treasure, and Eric’s one of them.

We began by talking of language itself, the nuances of the ways of speaking we learned as kids, Eric in South Wales, me in Liverpool, and how we shifted our accents and ways of speaking to merge with the duller but safer ways English is spoke in this South East of England where we live. It’s one way we create our masks to fit in with the masqued ball of the world. Then we moved on to other insights and wisdom, which is what this podcast is all about, the light the outsiders shine on the insider’s worlds.