I met Lisa a few years ago now, when a successful event I hosted at the main library in Amsterdam failed to create the crowds I was promised would be beating down the doors to see me again. In the end only one person came, and that was Lisa. It was worth the trip.

In that way I met a great Friend, someone who is, in many ways, a reflection of myself. As she says in our Conversation, she knew people who had expertise in spiritual matters, people who had expertise in gender matters, but in our friendship found a shared deep interest in both, and this is what we talked of when she came to visit last month.

Without spiritual insight, wider and deeper awareness, our view of anything is limited, and this means gender as much as anything else. As gender is the foundation identity of our lives, this insight is critical. If we don’t see who and what we are in a deeper, wider way of seeing, we are destined to go round in circles, reading the same story every day, working hard but moving little, trapped in the mask we thought was who we are. But being awake brings light and choice to everything we do. It’s made a huge difference to my life, and the underlying intention of this podcast is to share this with you.

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One comment on “Episode 8 – Lisa and transcending those gender masks

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