Ugla in Icelandic, Owl in English (I prefer the name Ugla, I relish their Icelandic-ness) has given me, a trans warrior from way back, fresh insights into who and what I am. Our deep and sweet friendship transcends – as they say in our conversation – the great age difference between us, and with that there is a lesson for all of us, a reminder for me, that the aim of the game is to get past the smaller, shifting identities such as age, or gender, and go to the heart of who and what we are. In the end it’s all about love, folks, which begins with loving ourselves for who we are, which then turns outwards to the rest of the world.

At the end of our conversation they say ‘the future is trans’, with some humour, but also a foundation of truth. I am profoundly aware, being trans myself, of the created gender distinctions which work to diminish and deny on one hand, and bestow dubious privilege on the other. The boxes work for no-one when we look deeply The tide may be turning, with the sparks of fire that are gathering now, to transcend this smallness and move on into the reality of our common heart.

Ugla gives me great hope for the future, along with wonderful non-binary people I’ve been meeting recently, from Macedonia, India and the USA. After dithering for some time, I’ve joined them. The future is trans, transcendent.

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