Sam Hall is one of the inspirations of the Masks of Gender podcast. Last year I began to take photos of inspiring trans people; I was so tired of the vitriol being poured on our vulnerable and highly self aware, profoundly conscious community that I wanted to show what we really are by showing their eyes, and with it their hearts and souls, to the world.

In time my aim changed from a photo with a little card of words telling us about them to a little photo and their own living words. When I took the picture of Sam which is on this page, we talked, and he told me of the shift that had taken place in his medical career, or vocation. In his previous persona, labouring under the gender mask of the feminine, he was a consultant anaesthetist, with limited relations with patients. After his transition he re-trained as a general practitioner, face to face with patients, as an expression of his expanded compassion.

When I went to his house the other week to record the wonderful words of this man, this human, this good heart, this Catholic, I had the chance to delve deeper into his observations, his insights and wisdom. Listen, everyone, here is yet another great trans heart and intelligence. What wonderful people we are, I thought as I listened to it, what a privilege to belong to this extraordinary sector of humanity.

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One comment on “Episode 10 – Dr Sam Hall and the unfolding of compassion

  1. Christian Bergmann May 8, 2019

    Just listening to this, absolutely love it, Sam is so super clear, knowledgable, precise, calm, confident and compassionate. Completely agree that with freeing ourselves from the tyranny of gender, we will also free ourselves from the curse of “deviating” sexual orientation, such as “homosexuality”. It just all becomes beautifully varied play. I absolutely feel part of this “gender freedom ” consciousness (who happens to present as a gay man). Gender is such a major component of thought, a basic part of our embodied story, belief in which creates this prison, this tyranny of thought, which all the spiritual traditions want to free us from. I can see that in the right circumstances a major and drastic modification of body attributes will have the effect to transcend the embodied belief in gender, and that this initiates a different way of being where not only the person making the transition, but also those who witness this, can all feel that we are essentially the same – equal -, and the gender labelling, even though it continues, looses its separating effect. It is so liberating.

    Thanks for the podcast, Persia!