The Masks of Gender is a podcast in the form of conversations with me, Persia West, talking to people about their gender and it’s intersections with race, age, LGBT+ identities, masculinity, intersex bodies, having gay, transgender and non-binary identities and more. It’s about the wisdom of experience that comes with living outside what is considered the norm, the ordinary, the box we are supposed to live in.

The podcast currently features conversations with an intersex activist; a feminine woman in the masculine world of tech; a gay man on culture and the power of words; different ways of seeing gender in India, recorded in Kolkata; the compassion of a transgender Christian priest; and more. It also includes posts of Persia’s personal insights, from her own writing or from a wide range of unusual writing, expanded upon and clarified through her individual perception, forged through a lifetime of meditation and the unique view of gender and identity that comes with being trans.

The podcast aims to help bring about respect, openness and greater inclusion in our changing society by facilitating understanding of real, living people and their experiences. By opening our eyes to the realities of others, differences and barriers fade, not only for those who diverge from the gender norm, but for everyone in our gender-divided world.