Now there will be a summer break with the end of Season 1 with Rory, Episode 18. Season 2 will open with fresh episodes in September. The first recordings for season 2 are great, two more remarkable people giving voice to their wisdom and insight; Ayla Holdom and Wayne Martens-Brown, pics below.

I’m getting addicted to talking deep with such people, finding inspiration and pleasure in my well-spent time with them. In my photos I am out to find the spirit of the person in their eyes, well caught with Ayla and Wayne.

Thanks for listening. I’m refining and moving on after learning a lot this year. If you have any comments or suggestions, please get in touch.


At the RSA in London

What a magic wonder it is to see the inner being, not just the gender but a lot more, emerge from their depths of someone’s being and become embodied to make them a new place in the wider world. Rory is one of those people that I’ve witnessed on this journey.

Now he’s a well established man of his own, with many a fine insight, keen perception and a unique way of his own, now he is living authentically as himself. The title of this episode, Authenticity is the Key, came out of his mouth as we talked, and I wrote it down quickly in case it got lost. These few words make a gem. Within them is everything I’m working to show. As it says in, I think, the Upanishads; when the unreal vanishes, the real remains.

When the acquired mask of gender is taken away – gently, I hope – then what remains is that authentic self, that we we are in our heart of hearts. This is what this transition is all about, folks, it may well be what all of our lives are about. come to think about it.